WED: “A Prayer for God’s Mercy”

Text:  Isaiah 64:1-12

  1. Praying for the greatness of God to be evident     Isaiah 64:1-3
    1. He is asking God to display His power
    2. He is asking God to make Himself known
    3. He is asking God to show His greatness as He has before     Deuteronomy 4:32-39; Judges 5:3-5; Psalm 105:27; Habakkuk 3:2-7
  2. Praising God for making relationship with Him possible     Isaiah 64:4-5
    1. There have always been people who live independent of God
    2. God has prepared a way for whosoever will trust in Him
    3. God will meet with those who repent of sins, trusting in Him
    4. God will judge the sinner & save the repentant
  3. Confessing our own unworthiness of relationship with God     Isaiah 64:6-9
    1. We are all in the same lost condition without God
    2. We are all depraved so we would not seek God on our own
    3. We are all created by God but need to have Him as our Father
    4. WE are all in need of god’s forgiveness of our sins
  4. Praying for God’s mercy to meet our desperate need     Isaiah 64:10-12
    1. Our sinfulness results in desolation
    2. Our sinfulness results in destruction
    3. Our sinfulness results in desperation