PM: “The satisfaction of causing thanksgiving to God” Part 2

Introduction:  II Corinthians 9:9-10; 12-15

TEXT:  Psalm 112

  1. The person blessed of the Lord     Psalm 112:1b-4
    1. It is a specific individual   “the man”
    2. It is a spiritual individual
      1. Honoring the Lord
      2. Trusting in the Lord
      3. Delighting in the Lord
      4. Acknowledging the goodness of God to him
    3. It is a steadfast individual     II Corinthians 5:21
  2. The person doing good with God’s goodness    Psalm 112:5-9
    1. Showing favor to those who have a genuine need
    2. Living wisely with the wisdom of God
    3. Being faithful to god & His will eternally
    4. Being confident in the Lord & His Word
    5. Being generous with God’s blessing to God’s glory
  3. The wicked person’s response    Psalm 112:10
    1. The wicked are irritated by God’s blessings on others
    2. The wicked are attacking those who are blessed of God
    3. The wicked are angry in their hopeless despair apart from God