AM: “The Satisfaction of Causing thanksgiving to God” Part 1

TEXT:  II Corinthians 9:6-15

  1. This truth is possible for every man the same     II Corinthians 9:6-8
    1. The sowing & reaping principle is the same for everyone
    2. The cheerful giving expectation is the same for everyone
    3. The ability of God to bless obedience is the same for everyone     Luke 6:38
      1. God is able to make His grace abound to anyone who will obey Him
      2. God is sufficient in all things to provide sufficiently for you by obeying Him
      3. God is abundant in blessing all who obey Him to be satisfied in Him
      4. God is more than able to bless you to continue honoring Him in obedience
  2. This process is the same for everyone     II Corinthians 9:9-11;  Psalm 112
    1. Generosity to those in need
    2. Growth increasing the sown seed
    3. Gratitude to God by being blessed indeed
  3. This plan of God is the same for everyone     II Corinthians 9:12-15
    1. God supplying the needs of His people through His people
    2. God being glorified by His people for His blessings unto them
    3. God bringing the Gospel to those who need it by those who have received it
    4. God being praised for the obedience of His people blessing others by His gifts
      1. God’s grace in His children being displayed by living graciously
      2. God’s goodness in His children causing them to do good to their fellow man
      3. God’s gifts being used by His children to bless the lives of others
      4. God’s glory being praised by His children to draw the lost to hear it.

Commit to submitting to God & obeying Him.  We’ll be happier at the Judgement Seat!