PM: “The Ministry of Work”

Text:  II Thessalonians 3:6-13

  1.  God wants His servants to be ___________ of a work ethic
    1. This is a _______________ in Jesus’ name
    2. This is the example God wants His ______________ to set
    3. The ministry is a good work to be _____________     I Timothy 3
      1. It is to an __________ of work     Exodus 28:1-3;  Luke 1:8-9
      2. It is to be a _____________ work
      3. It is to be a _____________ work
  2. God wants His children to ____________ what we eat
    1. God’s people ought not get what they have for doing ___________
    2. God’s servants should set an example of _____________ a living
      1. _____________________ of the Lord in the church flock for sure
      2. God’s __________________ who make up His church as well
      3. The lost need to see a good work _____________ in God’s people     I Thessalonians 4:11-12
    3. God does not want _________ who can work not to work     Ephesians 4:28;  Acts 20:33-35
  3. God wants His family to have a good _______ to the world
    1. God knows that too much ______ time often leads to ___________________.  V. 11
    2. God wants His children to _______________ their way in life with His _______________. V. 12
    3. God wants us to be __________________ in the well doing of work.  V. 13
    4. God wants His church families to ____________ one another to do well.  V. 14,15
  • Action Points:
    • What do I need to change in my life this week to help my work be worshipful to God?
    • How is my work ethic affecting my testimony & witness to the lost around me?
    • Is my work ethic helping or hindering me from experiencing God’s peace in my life?