AM: “Being Rooted in His Word is Equal for All”

Text:  Luke 8:40-56

  1. Two different people
    1. One was a man & the other a woman
      1. The culture saw women as lesser than men, but God does not
      2. God is not a respecter of persons     Ephesians 6:8-9; Deuteronomy 10:17-19; 16:18-20;  Romans 2:11;  Galatians 2:6;  James 2:1-10;  I Peter 1:16-17
      3. God does not favor one type of person over others     Romans 10:11-15;  Galatians 3:22-29
      4. God cares about every soul
        1. Every soul matters to God & should matter to His children
        2. Every soul matters to God because all are created in His image
        3. Every soul matters to God, AND He sent His Son to be their Saviour     I Timothy 2:1-7;  II Peter 3:9
    2. One was a ruler of the Jews & the other was a poor woman
    3. A man who was assertive & a woman who was timid
    4. A man of position & significance in society & a woman who seems to not be
    5. A father of a sick daughter who was 12 & a woman who had been sick for 12 years
      1. We all have similar needs
      2. We all have struggles in our journey of life
      3. We all are touched by the destruction of sin on earth
      4. We all need the help that only the Creator can offer to us
        1. Spiritual help over sin
        2. Temporal help over the difficulties & destruction that sin brings to us
        3. Eternal help over sin’s separation from God
  2. Two different experiences
    1. One was healed by touching Jesus, the other was healed by Jesus touching her
    2. One came to where Jesus was, the other had Jesus come to where he needed Him
    3. One exercised her own faith for healing, the other exercised faith for another
      1. We can help the lost get saved by bringing Jesus to them
      2. We can help the lost get saved by bringing them to Jesus
      3. We must believe Jesus can save them so that they have an opportunity to experience them believing Jesus will save them by their own faith
  3. One singular solution
    1. Both recognized their desperate need of Jesus
    2. Both trusted in Jesus alone to meet their need
    3. Both humbled themselves before Jesus
    4. Both were healed by Jesus
    5. Both were changed by Jesus, & other people were affected.
  • Action Points:
    • What are you putting ahead of God in trying to solve your problem?
    • What are you turning to for help before God?
    • How do you see yourself as being desperate for the Lord?
    • How are others seeing you display being desperate for the Lord?