TEXT:  DANIEL 9:1-23

  1. Prayer that brings revival is serious prayer     Daniel 9:1-14
    1. Serious prayer based on the truths of Scripture
    2. Serious prayer that is repentant in nature
    3. Serious prayer that confesses dependence on God
  2. Prayer that brings revival is acknowledging our need    Daniel 9:15-19
    1. Our need for God’s mercy
    2. Our need for God’s blessings
    3. Our need for God’s forgiveness
  3. Prayer that brings revival is prayer God answers    Daniel 9:20-23
    1. God sends His answer in response to His child praying
    2. God sends His answer through His messenger
    3. God sends His answer to guide us in His will
  • Action Points:
    • What can you change in your discipline of prayer to help bring revival?
    • How has God convicted your heart today about your seriousness about prayer?