PM: “Our Love for Christ”

Text:      John 12:1-11

  • Introduction:     I John 4:7-19
    • If God is in us and we are in Christ, then we should love as our God loves us
      • We should love others as God does
      • We should love the children of God as God does
      • We should love God as He loves us
    • If God’s love is in us, then it will be shown, displayed and manifested evidently
      • God gave His Son to us
      • God made forgiveness possible for us
      • God made His love available for us to experience
    • If God’s love causes blessings from Him, then our love should bless others
      • Our love should give others confidence in our relationship with them
      • Our love should cause others to enjoy us, not fear us
      • Our love for God ought to bless Him in the same way that His love blesses us
  1. We show our love to Jesus by welcoming Him     John 12:1,2
    1. By not being ashamed of Jesus publicly
    2. By welcoming Jesus into our home
    3. By honoring Jesus in our home
  2. We show our love to Jesus by sacrificing for Him     John 12:3
    1. Mary sacrificed her finances for Jesus
    2. Mary sacrificed her time for Jesus
    3. Mary sacrificed her pride for Jesus
  3. We show love to Jesus by not being offended by criticism     John 12:4-8
    1. Mary was criticized by one of Christ’s disciples
    2. Mary was criticized unjustly and hypocritically
    3. Mary accepted her critic and her advocate based upon the source
  • Action Points:
    • How did you show God’s love to others this week?
    • How did you show God that you love Him for loving you?
    • How does truly doing what you do out of love help you when you are criticized for doing it?