PM: “Love the Lord with ALL Your Heart for Intimacy with Him”


Introduction: With ALL your heart

>Seek the Lord with ALL your heart for relationship with Him   Deuteronomy 4:15-31, II Chronicles 15:12, Jeremiah 29:1-20

>Because He is I AM, He is deserving of our all

>Because He is I AM, there is nothing that compares to Him

>Because He is I AM, His plan is the best plan for our lives

I. We should love God with ALL your heart if He is your God vs. 1

  1. Because of all God has done for you “Therefore”
  1. Because of who He is as the LORD God Almighty Revelation 4:8, 11:17, 15:3, 16:7, 21:22
  1. Because He is I AM, we should love Him with our all  John 14:15, 23

II. We should lead others to love God with their all vss. 2-7

  1. By giving them a proper example to follow
  1. By telling them about all He has done for you
  1. By informing them about all you have seen Him do

III. We should live in the blessings of I AM by loving Him vss. 8-19

  1. Living in the strength of the Lord in your life vss. 8-9   Ephesians 6:10
  1. Living in the presence of the Lord in your life vss. 10-12
  1. Living in the communion of the Lord in your life vss. 13-15
  1. Living in the blessings of the Lord not His judgement vss. 16-17   Deut 13:14
  1. Living in the light of His Word and teaching our children to do so vss. 18-19