TEXT: JOHN 6:15-21

I. All things are best done in God’s time John 6:15

  1. Jesus knew the hearts and thoughts of the people
  2. Jesus knew they had their own agenda for Messiah
  3. Jesus knew this was not the will of the Father

II. Being in the will of God is always the best place to be John 6:16-17; Mark 6:45-49

  1. Storms can come even in the will of God for your life
  2. You can feel apart from God when you are in a storm
  3. God always knows everything about all of us

III. We are never too far away for God to meet our need John 6:18-21

  1. They were insufficient to handle the storm
  2. They were insecure in their circumstances
  3. They were comforted by their Saviour
  1. His presence brought confidence to them
  2. His power brought peace to their situation
  3. His purpose brought them faith