TEXT: JOHN 6:1-14

I. I AM is the solution to your every problem John 6:1-7

  1. People were drawn to Jesus because of who He was (vv. 1-2)
  2. Presence with us is what I AM desires and makes possible (vv. 3-4)
    1. Jesus came down from Heaven to be present with mankind
    2. Jesus went up a mountain to be present with His disciples
    3. Jesus wanted to be with the multitude that had followed Him
  1. Problems in life are used by the Lord helping us trust Him more (vv. 5-7)
    1. Jesus put His disciples into a dilemma to solve (v. 5)
    2. Jesus was testing the faith of His disciples in this circumstance (v. 6)
    3. Jesus was the best solution for the problems of life not material things (v. 7)

II. Offering what you have to Jesus is always the right decision   John 6:8-12a.

  1. Andrew came to Jesus with what he had found to help
  2. This boy came to Jesus offering his lunch to help
  3. Our insufficiency is no problem for God’s sovereignty

III. Jesus can fill us beyond our need John 6:12b-14)

  1. With Jesus, everyone was filled from the lad’s little lunch
  2. With Jesus, the boy ended up with more than he gave
  3. With Jesus meeting our needs, He is glorified