PM: God Centered Living – Part 2

This evening service, Pastor Humber concludes the thoughts on God’s plan for our lives.

Text: Genesis 4:1-16

4. Our decisions impact our future  –  Vs. 5-16

  1. Cain’s decision impacted his future emotionallly
    1. Cain became hurt emotionally because of God’s response
    2. Cain became down emotionally because of his hurt and his countenance fell
    3. Cain became bitter because of his emotional hurt
      1. Towards God, his brother and because of his own choices.
    4. Cain became angry because of his bitterness
      1. Hurt people hurt other people
      2. His anger kept him from making the right choice about his sin
      3. His anger caused him to kill his brother
      4. His anger was caused by his own choices
        1. Choice about worshiping God
        2. Choice about repenting of his sinful choice
        3. Choice to rebel against God’s will and leading
  2. Cain’s decision impacted his future spiritually
  3. Cain’s decision impacted his future socially


  • What changes do I need to make my life and family more in line with God’s plan?
  • Which do I define myself by most: who I am, whose I am or what I do?
  • How am I allowing the decision of my ancestors to wrongfully influence my life today?
  • What decision did I make this week that is causing effects that I am struggling with right now?
  • What decisions am I making today that need to change in order to have a better influence on my families’ future?