AM: God Centered Living – Part 1

Text: Genesis 4:1-16

Pastor Humber begins this study in the morning service and concludes in the evening.

1. God’s plan is the best plan in everything – V.1

a. God’s plan for your romance is best.

b. God’s plan for your family is best

c. God’s plan for your worship is best

2. You are more than what you “do”  –  Vs. 2-4

a. You should not allow yourself to be defined by what you do

b. Who you are needs to direct what you do, not vice-versa

c. Our decisions in life affect our relationship with God.

3. Our decisions influence our future and that of future generations

a. Cain’s decision was much like his parents’ before him.  Genesis 3

b. Abraham and Sarah’s decision is still negatively influencing their descendants.  Genesis 16

c. There is a generational influence of our sin.

I Kings 15:3; /exidys 20:5; 34:7; Numbers 14:18  deuteronomy 5:9