PM: “Desiring the Love of God Brings Satisfaction”

Text:  Psalm 42

  1. Discouragement can be satisfied by the lovingkindness of God     Psalm 42:1-3
    1. Desiring the right things can bring satisfaction
    2. Only God can satisfy the desire of our soul
    3. God takes note of our hurts & tears shed in life     Psalm 56:8-13
  2. God’s house with God’s people helps in discouragement    Psalm 42:4-6
    1. Remembering the house of God when you are not able to be there
    2. We need to go to the house of God with God’s people when we can
    3. Hoping in the Lord because of who He is even in discouragement
  3. The turmoil of my life should not keep me from my benefit of God    Psalm 42:7-11
    1. The turmoil of living life on earth affects everyone
    2. The greatness of God is superior to the challenges of life
    3. Nothing should keep God’s child from trusting in God
    4. God is the best solution for all of the troubles of this life.
      1. We should hope in God no matter what our trouble is
      2. We should praise God no matter what the cause of our trouble is
      3. We should benefit from God no matter how bad our troubles get
      4. None of our troubles in life can make us not have God as our God     Romans 8:31-39