TEXT:  PSALM 22:22-31

  1.   Verbalizing praise of God unto His people     PSALM 22:22-25
    1. Declaring the name of God to the people of God
    2. Honoring the Lord in praise by His people
    3. Praising God for His lovingkindness to us
      1. God will never despise those who trust in Him     Hebrews 13:5-6
      2. God genuinely cares about the hurts of those who turn to Him     Psalm 103:2-5
      3. God is fully engaged in the needs of His children
      4. God deserves no less from His children
  2. Satisfaction in the blessings of God is available to all     PSALM 22:26-28
    1. Enjoying, satisfying & praising eternally for the eek
    2. This is the same offer to all people in all places
    3. The Lord is the final judge of us all      Romans 10:14, II Corinthians 5:10
  3. The goodness of God is intended to be passed along     PSALM 22:29-31
    1. The ones that receive it are to enjoy it
    2. The ones who benefit from it are to serve with it
    3. The ones who benefit from it are to tell others about it
  • Action Points:
    • Are you enjoying the blessings of God that are available to all people in all places?
    • Are you honoring the Lord for His blessings to you that you already have enjoyed?
    • Are you sharing the blessing of Him & His goodness on to others so they can know?