TEXT:  JOHN 18:1-11

  1. Jesus teaches us that prayer helps prepare us for life’s troubles     John 18:1-3
    1. The prayer Jesus prayed for us
    2. The place Jesus went to offer Himself for us
    3. The person Jesus allowed to betray Him for us
  2. Jesus is whom we should seek for deliverance    John 18:4-9
    1. Jesus willingly allowed Himself to be crucified
    2. Jesus is the great I Am eternally the same   John 8:24; 8:28; 9:9; 13:19
    3. Jesus is the great deliverer of His followers
      1. He delivered His followers from the soldiers as He delivered Himself to them
      2. He fulfilled His promise not to lose any of those who came to Him     John 17:12
      3. His followers fled, but John was with Him later   Matthew 26:55-56;  Mark 14:48-50;  John 16:31-33
  3. Jesus often protects us from ourselves in order to help us    John 18:10-11
    1. Peter reactively attempted to deliver Jesus by force     Matthew 26:51-54
    2. Peter emotionally thought Jesus needed to be saved
      1. Peter factually needed Jesus to deliver him from his own foolishness     Mark 14:46-50;  Luke 22:49-51