AM: “The Conclusion of the Matter”


Introduction:  The summation of the whole letter regarding the vanity of life lived under the sun instead of under the Son

  1. Don’t wait too late to trust in the Lord     Ecclesiastes 12:1-8
    1. Turn to the Lord while you are young
      1. Before sinful habits cause you to hate life
      2. Before misery removes all pleasure from life
      3. Before you get older & things begin to fall apart
    2. Turn to the Lord while you are living
      1. Last week we saw how there are many things we do not know    Ecclesiastes 11:2,5,6
      2. God’s wisdom tells us that we do not know the future     Proverbs 27:1
      3. God’s Word tells us that we do not know how long we will live     Luke 12:16-21,  James 4:13-17
    3. Turn to the Lord while He is working on your heart
      1. At some point God may quit working on you     Psalm 103:8-12
      2. When God speaks to you it is foolish to harden your heart towards Him     Psalm 95:7-8
      3. God’s Word tells us to respond when God is working on your heart     II Corinthians 6:1-2
  2. God’s Word gives us God’s wisdom to live God’s Way    Ecclesiastes 12:9-12
    1. God used many people to record His wisdom for us today     Deuteronomy 8:6;  26:17; 28:9; 30:16
    2. God is the only author of His Word regardless of the writer
    3. God can help anyone live life wisely through His Word     Proverbs 2:6; 6:23; 8:5-9;  Psalm 19:7;  119:97-105
  3. Listen to the conclusion of the whole matter of life    Ecclesiastes 12:13-14
    1. God’s conclusion of the whole matter of living life     Ephesians 6:1-3
      1. Honor God
      2. Obey God
    2. God’s declaration of His expectation of all of mankind     Micah 6:8
      1. God’s whole duty of man
      2. God’s required accounting of mankind
      3. God’s warning to mankind of what we will be judged for in eternity
    3. God’s stated reason for warning mankind of His expectations;
      1. God has a judgment day for every person who will ever live
        1. The Judgement Seat of Christ   Believers  –  Revelation 19:1 – 20:6;  Romans 14:10;  I Corinthians 3;  I Corinthians 5:10;  Revelation 2:23; 22:12-14
        2. The Great White Throne Judgement     Unbelievers –  Revelation 20:11-15
      2. God’s judgement of us all will be for all things
        1. Believers are judged for their faithfulness to the Lord & rewarded     I Corinthians 3
        2. Unbelievers are judged for their rejection of Jesus & their sinfulness & condemned     John 3:16-19, 36