AM: Thankfulness for Messiah

Text: Luke 2:21-38

  • Honoring Messiah & First Born Son
    • Anna and Simeon were faithful
  1. Messiah brings us to worship the Lord
    1. They brought Jesus to the house of God
    2. They brought Jesus to present Him to the Lord
  2. Messiah causes us to realize God’s fulfilled promises
    1. Simeon was a Godly man who waited for God’s provision
    2. Simeon was a devout man who was faithful
    3. Simeon was a faithful man who declared the truth of Messiah
  3. Messiah is worthy of our devotion
    1. Anna was devoted to God and His Messiah
    2. Anna did not let the disappointments of life deter her
    3. Anna was a faithful woman of God

Action Points:

  • Is your faith in Messiah bringing you to truly worship God in Thanksgiving?
  • Is your faith in Messiah causing you to be thankful for His promises?
  • Is your faith in Messiah causing you to give God what He is worthy of in you?