AM: “Thankfulness for Christ’s Mission”

Preached Sunday November 22 at 6 pm for publication Sunday November 29, 2020

Text:  Psalm 118:1-29

Introduction:  Give thanks unto the Lord!     Psalm 95; Psalm 105; Psalm 106; Psalm 107

  1. Those who trust in the Lord should declare it.     Psalm 118:1-9
    1. They should declare it with thanksgiving     Psalm 107:1-2
    2. They should give thanks for His eternal mercy     Psalm 25:12; Proverbs 1:29; Psalm 19:9;  Psalm 34:11
    3. They should give thanks for His answer to their prayer
    4. They should give thanks for His help in their lives
      1. The empowerment of His help personally
      2. The encouragement of His help & His helpers
      3. The excellence of His help to those who trust in Him
  2. Those who are saved by the Lord should declare it.    Psalm 118:10-23
    1. The Lord’s Salvation is only in His name
    2. The Lord becomes our Salvation by calling on His name
    3. The Lord’s Salvation must be accepted to benefit from it     John 1:12;  Acts 10:43;  Acts 16:30-34;  James 1:5-7
      1. It must be believed on to be benefitted from
      2. It must be received in order to be benefitted from
  3. Those who are blessed of the Lord should declare it    Psalm 118:24-29
    1. Give thanks for the day He has given us
    2. Give thanks for His blessings on our days
    3. Give thanks to Him by blessing Him in worship
    4. Give thanks to Him for His goodness unto us