AM: “Steadfastly Maturing in Christ”

Text: Ephesians 4:1-16

  1. The Admonition of Steadfastness
    1. Living the way God wants us to live
    2. Honoring God the way He is worthy
    3. Unified for God’s Glory through His Spirit
  2. The Equipping of Steadfastness
    1. Equipped through deliverance in Christ
    2. Equipped through teachers of His Word in His church
    3. Equipped through serving in His church until He takes us home
  3. The Result of Steadfastness
    1. Avoiding the deceptions of errant teachings
    2. Experiencing the Will of God in maturity
    3. Advancing God’s Kingdom work for His Glory
  • Action Points:
    • Am I living the way God wants me to for His Glory in my life?
    • I can see God using His church here to equip me for His service by: ________
    • I am doing my part in advancing God’s work on earth by: ____________