December 24, 2023            TEXT:  Luke 1:26-56

I. She listened to the message of God (vv. 26-34)
A. God gave His Word to His messenger (vv. 26-28)
B. God’s messenger proclaimed His Word to Mary (vv. 29-33)
C. God’s message was heard by Mary for it to work in her heart (v. 34)

II. She believed the truth of God (vv. 34-37)
A. She asked for understanding about what was said (v. 34)
B. She accepted the explanation of the power of God (vv. 35-36)
C. She realized it was a miraculous working of God (v. 37)

III. She obeyed the will of God (v. 38)
A. She agreed with the truth of God (I John 1:5-10)
1. Confession of our sin is agreeing with God about our guilt of sin
2. Confession of our need in agreeing with God about our inability
3. Confession of our necessity in agreeing with God about His provision for us
B. She submitted to the truth of God.
C. She benefitted from the truth of God.

IV. She experienced the blessing of God (vv. 39-45)
A. The virgin conception was declared in the future tense (vv. 35-37)
B. The virgin conception was experienced before her arrival at Elizabeth’s (vv. 39-45)
C. The virgin conception was applied after she agreed with God’s will (v. 38)

V. She praised the goodness of God unto her (vv. 46-58)
A. She exalted the Lord in her words and actions (v. 46)
B. She rejoiced in the blessing she received her Saviour from God (v. 47)
C. She honored the grace of God that was given unto her (vv. 48-49)
D. She appreciated the mercy extended unto her (vv. 50-55)
E. She continued in her obedience to the Lord will for her life (v. 56; Philippians 2:12-13)