TEXT:  II PETER 3:1-13

  1. God’s Word is vital to being ready     II Peter 3:1-2
    1. God’s Word enables us to be pure before our Holy God     Ephesians 4:26-27;  Hebrews 10:22;  John 17:17
    2. Being reminded of God’s Word regularly is essential
    3. Being in God’s Word regularly is essential to being ready for the Lord’s return
      1. Daily on our own in our quiet place alone with God in Personal worship
      2. As often as possible in God’s house with God’s people in Corporate worship
      3. anytime there are extra services for the preaching & teaching of God’s Word
  2. God’s Word enables us to know what we should expect    II Peter 3:3-7
    1. We should not be surprised when scoffers are scoffing & mocking
    2. We should not be shocked when people who are ignorant of truth act like it
    3. We should not be deceived by the opinions of those who reject God
      1. They reject God’s authority as Creator to reserve the earth for His judgement
      2. They reject God’s Word about their future being in eternal Hell
      3. They reject God’s truth where it contradicts so-called science     I Timothy 6:20-21
  3. God’s Word enables us not to be ignorant of God’s truth    II Peter 3:8-10
    1. The truth that God inhabits eternity & His time is not ours
    2. The truth that God desires all sinners to come to repentance     Romans 2:1-6;  I Timothy 2:1-8;  Revelation 22:19-22
    3. The truth that  God’s judgement will come just as He promised
  4. God told us He would destroy the earth with fire    II Peter 3:11-13
    1. That is why we need to live to God’s glory all the time
    2. That is why we need to have a heavenly focus rather than an earthly focus
    3. That is why we need to be preparing for judgement day everyday!