Introduction: Ecclesiastes 11:5

  • >We do not know the heart of other people
  • >We do not know the working of God’s Spirit in others
  • >We do not know all that God knows about life in the womb
  • >We do not know all that is to know about the works of the Creator God
  • >But we do need to know what he has revealed to us and will hold us accountable for obeying!
  1. Why be envious of sinners if you have God’s wisdom vss. 1-6
    1.      God’s children have all they truly need in God 1-2
      1. God, Himself is the greatest reward we could ever have     Genesis 15:1
      2. God is the key to every need we will ever have being met in Him     Hebrews 13:5-6
      3. God provides for all His creation through His creation         Luke 12:24
      4. God provides for the needs of His children completely        Matthew 6:28-32
      5. God punishes the sinfulness of sinners and blesses the obedience of all      Matthew 6:33
    2.   God’s wisdom enables His children to live their best life 3-4
    3.   God’s wisdom enables us to find greater success in life 5-6
  2.  Why live foolishly if you are a child of God vss. 7-9
    1. God’s wisdom is out of reach for us in our foolishness             vs. 7
    2. God’s ways of living are opposite of our own carnality            vs. 8
    3. God’s will for us to bless others is impossible living in sin       vs. 9
      1. My sinful foolishness does not bless anyone in their sorrow
      2. My scornful selfishness does not bless anyone in their need
      3. My prideful arrogance does not bless anyone in their struggles
  3. Why believe a lie when God knows the truth?  vss. 10-12
    1. Don’t believe you are strong when God says you are being weak 10
    2. Don’t believe you can’t do anything when God says you should 11
    3. Don’t believe that your effort doesn’t matter when God says it does 12
      1. It matters if God puts it upon your heart to do it for His will on earth
      2. It matters if God wants to use you to deliver someone else from destruction
      3. It matters because God will hold us accountable for what He knows is true