TEXT:  MARK 10:45-52

Introduction: Hosea 4 The time is now

I. The admonition of God to His people vss. 1-2

  1. Listen to the Word of the Lord vs. 1a
  1. Receive the rebuke of the Lord vs. 1b
  1. Submit to the warning of the Lord vs. 2

II. The ignorance of God’s Truth vss. 6-9

  1. Ignorance of God’s truth is destructive vs. 6a
  1. Disobedience of God’s servants vs. 6b
  1. Increasing sinfulness of God’s people vss. 7-9

III. Adultery and addiction are destructive vss. 10-12

  1. Spiritual adultery
  1. Worshipping powerless gods of their own making Psalm 115:3-11
  2. Worshipping the creature over the Creator Romans 1:18-32
  1. Sexual adultery
  1. Addiction to Intoxicants

IV. Seek the Lord and speak up Mark 10:45-52

  1. It was the best time for this man to speak up vss. 46-47
  1. It was not the time for this man to be quiet vss. 48-49
  1. It was the right time to trust in the Lord vss. 48-52
  1. Trust in Him for who He is
  1. Trust in Him for what He can do

3. Trust in Him to be made whole forever