April14, 2024
TEXT:  Philippians 2:1-11
Introduction: 2:1 “therefore”
>Living the Gospel out in daily life (1:27)
>Being united in God’s will to communicate the Gospel to others in all we do (1:27)
>Being comforted in the Lord when attacked by enemies (1:28)
>Christ told us that we can expect to suffer if we follow Him (1:29-30; John 15:18-21; Romans 8:17)
“Any consolation in Christ”

I. Thinking like Christ is a choice we must make (v. 5)
A. Let
B. This mind
C. Be in you
II. It is the only way to build your life God’s way (v. 1)
A. Building life with the solace of being in Christ
B. Building life with the comfort of having God’s love in you
C. Building life with the Spirit of God abiding in you always
D. Building life with the tender mercy of God blessing your soul (Colossians 3:10-17)
III. It is the only way to truly build our lives together God’s way (v. 2)
A. God’s will fulfilled in our lives is the joy of every shepherd
B. Biblical unity must be based on the truth of God
C. God’s way to build our lives includes being part of one of His biblical churches
IV. It is the only way to truly build your life, viewing yourself God’s way (vv. 3-4)
A. Not like the world, filled with self
B. But like Jesus exemplified on earth
Conclusion: This is the mind of Christ that helps us build our life God’s way, for His glory,