AM: “I Still Believe That Only God is Worthy of Worship”

Text: Matthew 2:1-12

  1. Wisemen came to worship Jesus  Matt 2: 1-2
    1. They felt He was worthy of their worship = literally “bow down”
    2. They felt He was worthy of their investment – in time, costs  Psalm 72:10-11
    3. They felt His star was worthy of their interest  Numbers 24:17-19; Isiah 60:1-3
  2. Some men choose to worship Jesus  Matt 2: 3-8
    1. Herod was raised as a Jew
    2. Herod was a Jew who sold out to Rome
    3. Herod wqs a rejector of Messiah coming in his time  Psalm 14:1; Psalm 53:1
  3. Wisemen still worship Jesus as Messiah  Matt 2:9-12
    1. Wisemen worship Jesus in fulfillment of prophecy  Matt 2:9; Isaiah 49:7; Isaiah 60:1-6
    2. Wisemen worship Jesus for Who He is  Matt 2:10; Psalm 72; Psalm 49:7
    3. Wisemen worship Jesus with gifts  Matt 2:11; Romans 12:1-2; Mark 10:45
    4. Wisemen worship by obeying His leading  Matt 2:12
  • Action Points:
    • Are you being a wise person in your treatment of Jesus?
    • Are you being foolish in your preparation for eternity?
    • Are you worshipping Jesus in what He is worthy in your life?