TEXT:   Genesis 15:1-18


GENESIS 1-2 Creation;     GENESIS 3-4 Corruption;    GENESIS 5-10 Catastrophe;  GENESIS 11  Confusion;  GENESIS 12  Calling; GENESIS 13  Conflict; GENESIS 14 Conquest

I. The I AM is the ALL in All   GENESIS 15:1

A.   He is all you truly need

B.   He is the best shield you could ever have

C.  He is the greatest benefit you could ever desire

II. The I AM is completely trustworthy (vv. 2-6)

  1. We can trust what God says about the future (vv. 2-4)
  2. We can trust what God says even when it is beyond our understanding (v. 5)
  3. We can trust what God says and benefit from Him in our life (v. 6)     Romans 10:8-13 Salvation   Galatians 3:5-9 Sanctification

III. The I AM always fulfills His promises vv. 7-18

  1. God already had fulfilled His promise of direction (vv. 7-8)
  2. Abram obeyed what God said, and he experienced God’s promise (vv. 9-11)
  3. Abram obeyed what God said and entered into covenant with God (vv. 12-18)