July 7, 2024
TEXT:  I Timothy 1:12-2:15

Introduction: God’s Tools for Building His Way

Building your life; Building your spouse; Building your children; Building the lives of others; Building up His church by Him using you as His tool of honor; Building in your community, your state, your nation.

I. His will (I Tim. 1:12-16)
A. His will for us vocationally (v. 12)
B. His will for us spiritually (vv. 13-16a)
C. His will for us practically (v. 16b)

II. His Word (I Tim 1:15-20)
A. To give us faith to trust in the Lord (v. 16)
B. To give us truth to know God properly (v. 17)
C. To give us proclamations to empower us to victory (v. 18)
D. To give us commands to help us live faithfully (vv. 19-20)

III. His worship (I Tim 2:1-8)
A. Praying to Him (v. 1)
B. Praising Him for His goodness (v. 1)
C. Preaching His Word with His Spirit working (vv. 2-8)

IV. His witness (I Tim 2:8-15)
A. Honoring God everywhere we are (v. 8)
B. Representing God everywhere we go (vv. 8-15a)
1. Showing forth His holiness not our carnality (v. 8)
2. Showing forth His love not our wrath (v. 8)
3. Showing forth His virtue, drawing attention to our soul not our flesh (v. 9; Proverbs 7:10)
4. Showing forth His glory in good works not sinful behaviour (v. 10)
5. Showing forth His will for our lives in the roles He has given to us (vv. 11-15a; Romans 5:12-21)

C. Presenting His truth to others faithfully (v. 15b)