AM: “God’s Plan for Parenting”

Text: Genesis 4 and Hebrews 12

  • Introduction:
    • God is the original parent in that He was the One who created Adam and Eve
    • God is the perfect parent of His children in His family in that He is Holy and sinless
    • God wants parents to parent their children, which are His gifts to them, like He parents His children.
  1. Clear Instructions are to be given first
    1. Instruction about what is right and wrong
      1. God gave Adam instruction              Gen 2:15-18
      2. I believe Adam & Eve gave instruction to Cain and Abel   Gen 4:1-3
      3. God has given mankind the instruction of His Word   Psalm 19
    2. Instruction about God and His Truth
    3. Instruction about themselves and their purpose in life
  2. Consistent accountability when disobeyed
    1. God held Adam & Eve accountable for their actions     Gen 3:8-24
    2. God held Cain accountable for his attitude & actions   Gen 4:5-15
    3. God holds us accountable for our actions and our attitudes
  3. Correction that is appropriate when needed                             Hebrews 12:3-17
    1. The goal of external correction is internal correction
    2. When we do not control ourselves, we are needing external controls
    3. The goal of Biblical correction is a change of heart, not just behaviour
  • Action Points:
    • Are you delaying needed repentance in your life until it may be too late?
    • Are you guilty of rejecting God’s correction in your life that you need to benefit from?
    • How has God revealed unbiblical parenting in your current plan that need to change?