AM: “God’s Design of Man to Make Choices”

Text: James 1:13-18

  • Introduction: Genesis 1-3
    • Created without sin in or around us
    • Created as a tri-une being
    • Created to succeed or fall
  1. We make our own choices
    1. God designed us as conscious individuals     Joshua 24:15
    2. God does not want us to let others make our choices for us    Prov 29:25; Eccl 12:13,14
    3. God is holy and wants us to choose His holiness
      1. He does not predetermine us into sinfulness
      2. He does not predetermine us to err from His holiness
      3. He does make it possible for us to choose His holiness
  2. We are responsible for our choices     James 1:14-16
    1. God gives us the ability to make choices for ourselves
    2. God holds us accountable for our own choices
    3. God wants parents to raise their children to be accountable for their choices
  3. We need to make good choices for good consequences    James 1:16-18
    1. We choose to make our own choices but not the consequences   Matthew 7:24-27
    2. God is consistent in His truth, His blessings and His chastening
    3. The fruit reveals the reality of the truth
  • Action Points:
    • What is the regular result of my personal choices?
    • What is the regular process of my decision making?
    • What needs to change in my process to help my results be better?