1. Thankfulness to God is a part of the Fear of the Lord
    1. Thankfulness for His goodness toward us
      1. He is good in what He does because He is good in who He is
      2. He is good to bless His children with good things who honor HIm
    2. Thankfulness for His mercy extended to us
      1. His mercy keeps us from getting what we have earned in our sin
      2. His mercy keeps His chastening of His children tempered by His love
      3. His mercy helps us to benefit from His grace to receive what we could never earn
    3. Thankfulness for His grace to allow us to have a relationship with Him
  2. The fear of the Lord is the comfort of His presence & help
    1. Because He hears & answers the prayers of those that fear Him
    2. Because He delivers or helps those that fear Him in their distress
    3. Because He is on my side, therefore I do not need to fear any other
    4. Because all those who are on God’s side win ultimately & eternally
  3. It is better to trust in the best & the victor than any others
    1. The Lord is better to trust in than people
    2. The Lord is better to trust in than government
    3. The Lord is the best place to put your trust no matter what
    4. The Lord is the best place to put your trust in for success
      1. Strength we need to succeed
      2. Help from the Lord to do valiantly
      3. The Lord to be exalted in our success
    5. The Lord is the only place to put your trust for eternity
      1. Eternal  joy & rejoicing
      2. Eternal salvation & deliverance
      3. Eternal blessings