WED: “The Presence of the LORD Causes Us Not To Fear”

TEXT:  Psalm 91:1-16

  1. Truly being in the presence of the True God     Psalm 91:1-2
    1. The permanency of being in His presence
    2. The supremacy of the Lord’s presence
    3. The entrance in the Lord’s presence
  2. No need to be afraid in the presence of the Lord    Psalm 91:3-8
    1. The Lord is able to take care of our needs
    2. The Lord is superior to every danger we face
    3. The Lord is the key to our victory and not needing to fear
  3. The true satisfaction of true faith in the true God    Psalm 91:9-16
    1. We have to make Him ours before we are His
    2. We are blessed as His child when we become His child
      1. Protection from trouble
      2. Deliverance in trouble
      3. Preservation through trouble
    3. God’s promises are only to those who make Him their God