TEXT:  LUKE 23:26-43

Introduction:  Key verse Luke 23:40

  1. Trusting in His sacrifice for our sins     Luke 23:26-33
    1. Fearing God’s judgment causes us to see our need of His provision
      1. His provision of love to us     John 3:16
      2. His provision of a substitute for us     Romans 3:25;  I John 2:2; 4:10
      3. His provision of a sacrifice for us         Ephesians 5:2
    2. Fearing God’s holiness causes us to receive God’s forgiveness
    3. Fearing God’s authority as Creator causes us to benefit from His Salvation
      1. By trusting in Jesus Christ as personal Saviour     1 Timothy 4:10;  Titus 3:4-7
      2. By believing on Jesus Christ for eternal life             Romans 6:23
      3. By receiving God’s righteousness by faith in Jesus Christ     Romans 1:17; 3:21-22; 10:3; 2 Corinthians 5:21; Ephesians 2:8-9
  2. Trusting in His forgiveness of our sins       Luke 23:34-38
    1. God must forgive our sin against Him
      1. All of our sin is against God
      2. All of our sin offends God
      3. All of our sin must be removed by God
    2. God’s forgiveness is only received by faith
    3. God’s forgiveness is only provided by Christ
  3. Trusting in Him by repenting of our sins     Luke 23:39-43
    1. Some people respond to Jesus by rejecting Him     John 1:11; Isaiah 53:2-3; Acts 7:51-52
    2. Some people respond to Jesus by mocking Him     2 Peter 3:3-9; Jude 14-23
    3. Some people respond by receiving Him                   John 1:12-14
      1. For the forgiveness of their sins;
      2. For the righteousness of God
      3. For the new birth into God’s family
      4. For the gift of God which is eternal life
      5. For the eternal home He is preparing in Heaven