WED: “The Fear of the Lord Helps Us Faithfully Serve the Lord”

TEXT:  I SAMUEL 12:12-22

  1. Fear can cause us to want something less than best     I Samuel 12:12-13
    1. God’s people allowed their circumstances to influence them
    2. God’s people wanted a king of their own to lead them
    3. God’s people chose a man to be their king over God
  2. The fear of the Lord helps us to honor the Lord     I Samuel 12:14-19
    1. By serving Him willingly
    2. By obeying Him faithfully
    3. By following Him consistently
    4. By avoiding His chastening
    5. By experiencing His great power
    6. By living according to His will personally
      1. By fearing the Lord initially
      2. By not adding more sin in dishonoring the Lord greatly
  3. The fear of the Lord helps us not fear lesser things     I Samuel 12:20-25
    1. Repenting of our sin causes us not to fear lesser things
    2. Enjoying the faithfulness of the Lord enables us to be faithful to Him
    3. Enjoying the faithfulness of the Lord’s servant
      1. The Lord’s servant faithfully cares for His people; prays for His children; teaches the way of the Lord
    4. Enjoying the blessings of the Lord instead of the chastening
      1. By honoring the Lord faithfully     Hebrews 12:28
      2. By serving the Lord thankfully
      3. By praising the Lord regularly
      4. By staying close to the Lord personally
        1. Don’t go off into wickedness     II Kings 17:35
        2. Don’t turn away from faithfulness to Him     Psalm 2:11-12
        3. Don’t forfeit His blessings you could enjoy for honoring Him
        4. Don’t experience His chastening for rebelling against Him