WED: “The Fear of the Lord Comes Upon Us as We Walk with Him”

Text:  II Chronicles 19:1-11
I. The fear of the Lord brings the _______________ of the Lord     vss. 9-11
A. From the ___________ of the Word of God      vs. 9
B. From the Lord causing fear in our ___________      vs. 10
C. From the Lord blessing our lives even through our _____________    vs. 11
II. The fear of the Lord comes from walking in honor _______ Him    vss. 3-6
A. Following the right ____________ of godly forefathers      vs. 3
B. Following God with your ________ heart not false gods     vss. 3c-4a
C. Following God in ______________ to His Word not disobedience      vs. 4
D. Following God and enjoying His ______________      vs. 5
E. Following God by honoring Him in true __________      vs. 6
III. The fear of the Lord helps us to do all we do ______      19:5-9
A. Because we do it for the ______ and not man      vs. 5      Colossians 3:22-25
B. Because honoring the Lord is our best ______________      vss. 6-7
C. Because the __________ of the Lord helps us more than man’s wisdom      vs. 8
D. Because the fear of the Lord helps us to be _____________ with integrity     vs. 9