Wed. PM: “David’s Prayer of Praise”

Text: I Chronicles 17:16-27

  1. The personal humility of praise       I Chron 17:16-18
    1. His under-serving view of himself
    2. His acknowledgement of God working    Proverbs 3:5-6
    3. His transparency of what God knows about him
  2. The exalting of God in praise          I Chron 17:19-22
    1. Only God is being exalted by David
    2. God is exalted above all others by David
    3. God is exalted for Israel’s success by David
  3. The Glory of God is the priority of praise      I Chron 17:23-27
    1. To magnify God and His Word
    2. His personal relationship with God because of God     I John 4:18-19; John 6:44
    3. God working as God over man
    4. God being pleased, not man     Revelation 4:11