WED: “Fearing the Lord Can Cause Fear in Your Enemies”

TEXT:  Deuteronomy 20:1-4

  1. The fear of the Lord helps us to not fear man
    1. So that we can avoid that trap.  The trap of: fear of man; fear of being manipulated by others; fear of being influenced toward sin; fear of peer pressure; fear of dishonoring the Lord
    2. So we can have confidence in obeying God
      1. The confidence is in: the Lord; His presence with us; His ability to help us; His love for us
    3. So we can enjoy His blessings on our lives
      1. The blessing of His presence with us; His protection on us; His provision for us
  2. The proclamation of God’s Word helps us fear the Lord unto His glory
    1. The preachers were to preach before battles with their enemies
    2. The preachers were to proclaim truth about God before their battles
    3. The preachers were to pronounce details regarding “what not to do”
      1. Do not faint; tremble or be terrified  See also Isaiah 28:16;  Ephesians 6:10
  3. The fear of the Lord is about trusting God enough to obey Him
    1. Confident that He is eternal & all-knowing
    2. Confident that He is omnipresent with them and omnipotent for them
    3. Confident that He is for them & on their side for their victory
    4. Confident that He can & will save them from their enemies
    5. Confident in Him enough to obey Him & experience His sufficiency for them
      1. We can fully experience His peace when we truly trust in Him alone
      2. We can experience His help when we step out in faith in Him alone     Joshua 3:14-17
      3. We can experience His Salvation when we receive His Gospel message as our only hope for eternity     John 1:11-13