WED: “A Prayer for God’s Wisdom”

Text:  Jeremiah 32:16-44

  1. Jeremiah’s prayer begins with praise about God     Jeremiah 32:16-23
    1. He prays after he obeys what God told him to do
    2. He praises God for His power as Creator
    3. He praises God for His authority over His creation
    4. He praises God for keeping His promises to His people
  2. Jeremiah’s prayer declares what he knows to be true     Jeremiah 32:23-24
    1. He knows God’s people had been rebellious
    2. He knows God chastens His children for their unrepentant sins
    3. He knows God sees and knows everything
  3. Jeremiah’s prayer admits his confusion unto God     Jeremiah 32:25
    1. Why did you ask me to buy land when the nation is overtaken by our enemy?
    2. Why did you ask me to buy property when the land is under siege?
    3. Why did you ask me to buy land and have it witnessed for verification?
    4. Why did you ask me to do this when it seems so pointless?
  4. Jeremiah’s prayer is answered with clarity from God     Jeremiah 32:26-44
    1. He promises that He is able to do His will on the earth in His time
    2. He promises to destroy Jerusalem for the idolatry of His people
    3. He promises that He will judge His people but bless them again
    4. He promises a future regathering of His people to their homeland