WED: “A Prayer for God’s Guidance”

Text:  Psalm 139:1-22

  1. Praising God for His eternal attributes     Ps 139:1-6
    1. Praising God for His Omniscience
      1. He knows everything about us
      2. He knows all that we do & everywhere we go
      3. He knows our thoughts
    2. Praising God for His Omnipresence
      1. Past
      2. Present
      3. Future
    3. Praising God for His Transcendence
      1. His superiority over man
      2. His supremacy    ”       “
      3. His separation from man
      4. His predominance over man
      5. His preeminence      ”        “
      6. His excellency           ”         “
  2. Praising God for His eternal presence      Ps 139:7-13
    1. We cannot go to a place that God is not with us
    2. In this church age, the Spirit of God is in us continuously
    3. There is no darkness that can hide anything from God
    4. He is with us in our beginning, our living and our ending of life
  3. Praising God for His intimacy with His creation     Ps 139:14-22
    1. The intricacies of His creative works
      1. We are made fearfully
      2. We are made wonderfully
    2. The ingenuity of His creative works
    3. The interest He has in His creation
      1. The attention God gives to the details of design in His creation
      2. The thoughts He has toward the obedient in His creation
      3. The future judgement He will have on the wicked in His creation
      4. The impact His personal interest in His creation should be on us.