WED: “A Prayer for Deliverance in Mercy”

TEXT: Genesis 32:6-12

  1. Guilt of our past sin is a hard task master    Genesis 32:1-8
    1. Jacob knew he was guilty of deception
      1. He deceived his father
      2. He defrauded his brother
      3. He dishonored his family
      4. A guilty conscience is brutal until you truly repent & seek forgiveness
    2. Jacob knew he had been helped by God     Genesis 31:5
      1. He knew God had prepared for him to taste a similar deception as he had done
      2. He knew God had prospered him even though Laban had tried to cheat him
      3. He knew God had protected him from Laban & blessed
    3. Jacob knew he had a promise from God     Genesis 31:1-7; 11-18
      1. God had promised to be with him as he returned to his homeland
      2. God had commanded him to return home with His blessings  Genesis 28:12-22
    4. But, he was still worried about meeting his brother
  2. Faith is the best remedy for fear    Genesis 32:9-12
    1. Faith in God must be personal to remedy fear     Psalm 73:28;  Hebrews 13:5-8
    2. God’s Word should build our faith over fear     Hebrews 4:12-16;  Romans 10:17
    3. Humbling ourselves before God helps us with mercy     James 4:6, 10;  I Peter 5:5,6
    4. Being honest with God about your fears is vital to faith     Psalm 56:3,4,11
    5. God’s promises are dependable for faith in God     II Peter 3:8-18
  3. When God gives you a promise, you can trust it      Genesis 32:13-21
    1. You do not need to worry
    2. You do not need to manipulate
    3. You do not need to wrestle with God    Genesis 32:21-32
      1. You can be blessed of God without all kinds of self-effort
      2. You can be blessed of God without wrestling with Him
      3. You can be blessed of God without being injured for life
      4. When you already are blessed of God, you can rest in Him and not wrestle with Him!