Wednesday Prayer Meeting ~ July 10, 2024
II Peter 3

7 Cs of History
Creation Genesis 1&2
Corruption Genesis 3 &4
Catastrophe Genesis 6-9
Confusion Genesis 10-11
Christ Genesis 12; John 1:10-18 Christmas
Cross Easter
Consummation II Peter 3:10-13 & Revelation 21

I. We need to be reminded of what God says in His Word (vv. 1-4)
A. Stirred up by preaching and teaching to remember (v. 1)
B. Stirred up to be mindful of God’s truth (v. 2)
C. Stirred up to be prepared for scoffers in the last days (v. 3)
D. Stirred up to deal with false teachers (v. 4)
1. Teaching uniformitarianism
2. Teaching humanism
3. Teaching heresies

II. We need to be informed about the truth of God’s Word (vv. 5-7)
A. Willingly ignorant of God’s Word is never a good thing (v. 5)
B. Willingly rejecting God’s Word as true is always a bad thing (v. 6)
C. Willingly refusing the preparations of God’s Word is eternally bad (v. 7)

III. We need to be prepared for eternity by the help of God’s Word (vv. 8-13)
A. Prepared for eternity no matter the timing of it (v. 8)
B. Prepared for eternity by repentance of sin and faith in Christ (v. 9)
C. Prepared for eternity by not being consumed with this world (vv. 10-12)
D. Prepared for eternity by anticipating the things of God in eternity (v. 13)
IV. We need to be defended from deception by the truth of God’s Word (vv. 14-18)
A. To be found right with Him whenever He comes for us (v. 14)
B. To be found faithful to Him whenever He comes for us (vv. 15-17)
C. To be found growing in Him whenever He comes for us (v. 18)