PM: “The Motive and Purpose of All We Do”

Text: Psalm 100

  1. Actions we are called to do
    1. Make a joyful noise                         Psalm 100:1
    2. Serve the Lord                                  Psalm 100:2
    3. Come before God’s presence
    4. Know ye the LORD is God               Psalm 100:3
    5. Enter into His courts                        Psalm 100:4
    6. Be thankful unto Him
    7. Bless His name
  2. The motive of the actions                        Psalm 100:5
    1. For the Lord is good
    2. For the Lord is merciful forever
    3. For the Lord is truthful                    Psalm 119:116
    4. For the Lord’s truth is available to all generations     Psalm 12:6,7
  3. The purpose of the actions
    1. Joyful noise unto the Lord                Psalm 100:1
    2. Service unto the Lord                        Psalm 100:2
    3. Knowing that the Lord IS                  Psalm 100:3;    Hebrews 11:6
    4. The Lord is the goal
  • Action Points:
    • When the Lord is the cause of our worship, and the Lord is the purpose of our worship, then you will experience true worship
    • The Lord being the cause of what we do, and our goal in doing what we do, is the most fulfilling life that we can live

Conclusion:  The Lord needs to be our motive and our goal.   See Revelation 4:11