Introduction: Prepositions speak to position. vss. 5, 6, 7, 10
Salvation is all about our position in relation to God.

I. The cause of being saved in Christ vss. 4-5

A. God’s mercy makes it available vs. 4a
B. God’s love makes it possible vs. 4b
C. God’s life makes reality vs. 5a
D. God’s grace makes it forever vs. 5b

II. The spiritual condition of being saved in Christ vss. 6-7
A. We are raised up from the dead in Christ vs. 6a
B. We are seated in Heaven in Christ vs. 6b
C. We are promised His eternal riches in Christ vs. 7

III. The dynamic of being saved in Christ vss. 8-9
A. It is only by God’s grace we are saved vs. 8a
B. It is only through faith in Christ we are saved vs. 8b
C. It is only as a gift of God that we are saved vs. 8c
D. It is only the working of God that we are saved, not our own vs. 9

IV. The result of being saved in Christ vs. 10
A. We are produced by God in creation
B. We are purchased by God in redemption
C. We are predestined by God in sanctification
D. We are purposed by God to His glory