PM: “Faithful to the Plan for Your Life”

Text:     John 21:15-25

  1. The significance of Jesus’ words
    1. The question of Peter’s love      John 21:15-17
    2. The statement of Jesus’ instruction
    3. The declaration of Jesus about Peter’s future
      1. For his life           John 21:15-16
      2. For his death      John 21:18
      3. For his focus       John 21:19
  2. The significance of Peter’s words
    1. His words were responding positively
    2. His words were not following Jesus’ lead
      1. Jesus was trying to lead Peter to change his word use
      2. Jesus was trying to grow Peter in greater love and commitment
      3. Jesus was tying to get Peter to follow Him in a greater way
    3. His words were focused on others in a wrong way         Philippians 2:3-5;  Galatians 6:4-5;  I Peter 4:15-16;           I Thessalonians 4:11-12;  II Thessalonians 3:11-12
  3. The significance of the scenario
    1. The point of the three repeated statements
    2. The point of the word used for “love”
    3. The point of the personal challenge                     John 21:20-25
  • Action Points:
    • Peter made a change in his life after this event and it had a positive effect on him.
    • How has the Lord made a positive change in your life through confronting you recently?
    • Is your focus on you following  Jesus?