PM: “Christ’s Mission on Earth is the Redemption of Souls from Sin”

Pastor Franklin Humber preached this sermon on Sunday, December 13, 2020 at 11 am for publication in the evening of the same day.

Text:  Psalm 49:1-20

  1. Every person needs to have the truth of God     Psalm 49:1-4
    1. God’s truth needs to be heard by everyone on earth
    2. God’s truth needs to be shared with all people everywhere     Luke 2:10-14;  Genesis 12:3;  18:18;  22:18;  26:4;  28:14.  Galatians 3:8-9
    3. God’s truth gives people the understanding they need to be saved
  2. Every person needs to fear their sinful condition    Psalm 49:5
    1. We need to fear the destruction that sin brings
    2. We need to fear the bondage that sin brings to us
    3. We need to fear the curse of our sin upon us     John 3:36
  3. Every person needs the redemption only God can offer    Psalm 49:6-9
    1. We cannot buy God’s redemption of our sins
    2. We cannot do anything to redeem the sins of anyone
    3. We cannot do what only God is qualified to do
  4. Every person will face eternity & answer to God    Psalm 49:10-13;  Hebrews 9:27-28
    1. Wise & foolish people enter eternity
    2. Wealthy & poor people face an end to this life
    3. Honorable & normal people will all perish from this life
  5. God is the only one who can redeem us from sins curse    Psalm 49:14-20
    1. We are all like sheep in going astray & in deaths’ certainty     Isaiah 53:6
    2. We are all in need of the Good Shepherd to give us eternal life     John 10
    3. We all leave everything we accumulate here on earth
    4. We all need to invest in eternity now, while we are on earth     Matthew 6:19-24
      1. Investing with our trust in God & His Word
      2. Investing with our time by being faithful to the Lord
      3. Investing with our talents by serving the Lord
      4. Investing with our tongue by speaking the truth of God’s Word to others
      5. Investing with our treasures by giving to the Lord.