November 19, 2023

I. The Provider of Biblical Salvation (Genesis 3)

  1. It is provided because of our sinful guilt (vv. 1-13)
  2. It is provided by God Himself (v. 15)
  3. It is provided through a substitute sacrifice (vv. 21-24)
  1. We must personally receive His provision to us
  2. We must personally apply His provision to us
  3. We must personally believe His promise by His provision to us

II. The Provision of Biblical Salvation

  1. The provision foretold prophetically (Isaiah 7:14; Matthew 1:23)
  2. The provision offered to everyone equally (John 3:16-19)
  3. The provision that must be received personally (John 1:11-15, 1-4)

III. The Providing of Biblical Salvation (John 1:29-36)

  1. Jesus leaving Heaven to come to earth physically (vv. 29, 34, 36)
  2. Jesus being born of a virgin supernaturally (v. 30 “of God”)
  3. Jesus living a sinless life innocently (v. 29)
  4. Jesus dying as our substitute sacrificially (v. 29)
  5. Jesus rising from the dead alive victoriously