AM: “The Right Anchor Offers Hope”

Text: Hebrews 6:13-20  The Heir of Promise

On Sanctity of human life Sunday, Pastor Humber reminds us of God’s promise to Abram in Genesis 12.


  1. Multiplying life is a blessing from God
    1. Children are a heritage from God
    2. God designed the process of multiplying children
    3. God is the giver of life as a blessing from Him
  2. Multiplying life requires patience from God
    1. Waiting for God’s time for producing life
    2. Waiting on God’s blessing to product life
    3. Waiting on God to bless for His glory in my life
  3. Multiplying life involves producing heirs of the promise
    1. Training children to know their Creator
    2. Teaching children to follow their Creator
    3. Teaching children to honor their Creator

Action Points:

  • I will take part in the Next Step pregnancy center fund raiser to support life
  • I believe God wants me to change ___________ to honor Him more in my life
  • I plan to begin __________ to build my heirs to enjoy the promises of God as His children

In Conclusion:

Pray for your children and grandchildren; speak to them about the Lord Jesus Christ.


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