AM: “The Result of Being Rooted in Christ’s Word”

We are uploading the video now, it will be available by 2 pm, Sunday, July 12, 2020.  Thank you for your patience.

Text:  Psalm 1:1-6

  1. What the blessed man is not
    1. Walking in the counsel of the ungodly
    2. Standing in the way of sinners
    3. Sitting in the seat of the scorner
    4. Progressing away from His Lord
    5. Experiencing the end result of those who are not blessed of the Lord     John 3:16
  2. What the blessed person is
    1. Delighting in God’s Word
    2. Deliberating in God’s Word
    3. Dwelling in God’s Word
  3. What the blessed person will be
    1. Like a planted tree
      1. A tree will never reach its full potential without being planted
      2. A tree will never reach its full productivity without being planted
      3. A tree will never reach its full power without being planted
    2. Like a fruitful tree
    3. Like a healthy tree
  • Action Points:
    • How is your living of life helping you to be the blessed man or an ungodly man?
    • What do you see in your life that can measure how much you delight, deliberate and dwell in God’s Word?
    • What are the results you are seeing in your life in regards to how you are rooting yourself in God’s Word?