AM: “The Faith of Being Rooted in His Mission”

Text:     Hebrews 11:1-8

  • Introduction:
    • Enoch was a man just like you and I
    • Enoch was not a prominent man, but he was a praised man just as we can be
    • Enoch walked with God, as you and I can do also     Genesis 5:18-24
    • Enoch pleased God by walking with God, we can do the same thing, the same way
    • BUT, we cannot please God without faith
      • We must come to Him
        • In recognition of our sinfulness
        • In repentance of our sinfulness
        • In reconciliation by His righteousness
  1. We must come to Him in faith
    1. Believe that He is
    2. Believe that He is good
    3. Believe that He is exalted
      1. Believe in God in our origination from Him     Hebrews 11:1-3
      2. Believe in God in our worship of Him                Hebrews 11:4
      3. Believe in God in our fellowship with Him        Hebrews 11:5-6
      4. Believe in God in our salvation in Him               Hebrews 11:7     I Peter 3:18-22
      5. Believe in God in our obedience to Him            Hebrews 11:8
  2. We must believe that God exists
    1. He exists in reality
    2. He exists personally
    3. He exists eternally
  3. We must believe that He elevates us
    1. He rewards us with redemption in repentance     Ephesians 1:6;  2:1-6
    2. He rewards us with blessings for obedience
    3. He rewards us with crowns for faithfulness
      1. Crowns that are incorruptible          I Corinthians 9:25
      2. Crowns of others going with us to Heaven     Philippians 4:1
      3. Crowns of rejoicing in the presence of the Lord      I Thessalonians 2:19
      4. Crowns of righteousness for loving Him                   II Thessalonians 4:8
      5. Crowns of life for loving Him                              James 1:12;  Revelation 2:10
      6. Crowns of glory that are eternal                        I Peter 5:4
  4. We must believe that He is exalted above us
    1. We need Him, He does not need us
    2. He is transcendent above us, He must reach down to us
    3. He is perfectly righteous and we need His righteousness in us