AM: “Thanksgiving to God for the satisfaction of His promises”

TEXT:  II Peter 3:1-10

  1.  The satisfaction of God’s promises to His children      II Peter 3:1-7
    1. His promises to stir us up in faithfulness to Him
    2. His promises to help us not be shaken by scoffers     Job 21:11-15;  Jeremiah 21:11-13;  Isaiah 26:10
    3. His promises to help us understand His truth
      1. Of the beginning; of the past and of the future
  2. The satisfaction of the promise of His faithfulness      II Peter 3:8-10
    1. Ignorance of His promises hinder our satisfaction
    2. Ignorance of His promises cause us to miss His blessings
    3. Ignorance of His promises cause us to be fearful in life
    4. Ignorance of His promises cause us to suffer His judgment
      1. Perishing in the destruction of sin physically
      2. Perishing in His judgment on earth spiritually
      3. Perishing in our sins eternally
  3. The satisfaction of the promises of His power      II Peter 3:11-13
    1. The power to create & destroy     Ecclesiastes 3:1-9
    2. The power to enable sinners like us to live in His holiness
    3. The power to bring judgment on all of His creation     Genesis 2:16-17; Isaiah 5:18-25; Romans 2:4-6

Action Points:
>Are you enjoying the satisfaction of being a child of God?
>What can you do this week to gain more understanding of the promises of God?
>Does the judgment of God on the world bring you fear or peace?