AM: “Such a Strange Way to Save the World”

Today we began live streaming with a new & improved system.  Below are the notes and link to the you-tube publication.  We hope that viewers will enjoy a better quality video.

Text:  Luke 2:1-7

  1. Demanding governments are nothing new     Luke 2:1-3
    1. Decrees by government leaders are not new
    2. Governments taxing people are not new
    3. Revenues are provided by those who make up a group; also not new
      1. This is true in churches, civic organizations & governments.  See Mark 12:14-17
  2. Biblical truth is vitally important    Luke 2:4
    1. God can use the ungodly to help fulfil His will & Word
    2. God is able to always fulfil His prophetic promises     Micah 5:1,2;  Isaiah 53:1-12; John 7:40-42
    3. God always has His people to use to His glory     Isaiah 9:6-7;  Psalm 132:5-10;  Isaiah 11:1-2;  Jeremiah 23:1-6;  Isaiah 7:14-15;  Revelation 7:9-14
  3. God’s plan always works best    Luke 2:5
    1. God’s plan is for children to be born to married couples
    2. God’s plan is for married couples to be a husband & wife
    3. God’s plan is for children to be cared for in a loving family
      1. Father to provide & protect
      2. Mother to nurture & nourish
      3. A home that is following God
  4. God’s plan does not always make sense to us    Luke 2:7
    1. The Heavenly Saviour being born as a helpless baby
    2. The King of Kings being born in a lowly stable
    3. The people of earth having no room for Christ the Lord     Luke 2:10-12